Leave of Absence

On 1st September 2013 a new law came into effect with regard to authorised holidays for pupils’ during term time. Headteachers are unable to authorise holidays for children during term time. We do understand that the cost of holidays and sometimes employment dictates when families can take holidays but from 1st September 2013 there will be a standard approach to the unauthorisation of holidays in term time taken by all schools in England. When there are very exceptional circumstances (please note these will be very rarely granted) we will consult the published government guidance. In very rare instances where a situation may be deemed to be exceptional, we will consult the Staffordshire guidance for clarification.

The Codsall Local Area Schools Partnership met in the Autumn Term 2013 to ensure that this policy is implemented consistently and fairly across all Codsall schools. Therefore we would ask that parents do understand when requests made to school are unauthorised as per the policy and government legislation changes.

All requests must be put in writing to Mr Bowers.